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Iguacu Falls Night

How wonderful the southern sky at night! That’s southern as in South America. This photo was taken near Iguacu Falls, Argentina by the photographer Babak Tafreshi. I can only hope to behold beauty such as this one day (or night, rather) before I die. Until then, in my very northern clime, I will content myself with a million fewer stars.


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Disney EARTH

I just saw an amazing film with my family. It was more touching than the sweetest romance. It was more beautiful than a melodrama.  It was more amusing than a comedy. It was more intense than a psycho thriller. It was more real than a reality show . . .

And it’s rated G.

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Disney’s epic documentrary “Earth” is a fascinating spectacle. So fascinating in fact that more than once during the film I found myself wondering, “Is this for real?” And more often than that I found myself asking, “How in the world did the cinematographers get these shots?!” For it’s up close and personal with some of the world’s most interesting life forms– not just animals and insects, but Mother Nature herself– and the quality of the images and sound is just extraordinary.

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I regret now not seeing it in the theater a few months ago. It happened to come to our small town in April (it opened on Earth Day); and the odds of seeing any movie here are not great, because we only have one year-round theater, and it only shows two movies at a time. But we skipped out. With as many kids as my wife and I have going to the movies is an expensive proposition.

But now the DVD is out, and it also is available in Blu-ray. I’d love to watch it again on a big screen with a nice sound system. Believe me, this film not only deserves to be seen, but it deserves to be seen in the best possible way.

Here’s the trailer, still available via Disney — http://disneydvd.disney.go.com/disneynature-earth.html

(and it looks like there’s more of the same coming in the near future) . . .

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