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Colin Andrews was supposed to publish this book last year, Andrews Catalog of Crop Circle Types. Not sure if it’s available yet, but it certainly seems interesting. This is from the same guy who wrote (among other things) The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Akashic Records :>)

Speaking of Crop Circles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Human Butterfly

Biggest crop circle ever!

And most meaningful (in my opinion).

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War on Drugs

Comin’ Through

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“Home Again”

Last weekend I went home again, after a two week solo absence. For someone not used to being away for very long, it was a nice experience. Not only for reuniting with my wife and kids, but for the simple pleasure of being in the old familiar surroundings. Really relaxing. Nice to see things in a new light.

“The best part of going away is coming home again.”

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One of the biggest questions in my mind about the Gulf Oil Spill was: how could this have happened? I don’t know much about the process of deepwater oil drilling, but everything I’ve read on the subject so far has said that the methods and machines used for such purposes are designed to prevent what happened to the Deepwater Horizon from happening.

My first inclination (moderate conspiracy theorist that I am) was to suppose that there was more going on in the way of political intrigue than the media, and the powers that control the media, would have us believe. Rumors were circulated that a North Korean submarine was actually responsible for sinking of the Deepwater Horizon. (e.g. here) There have also been rumors that oil is leaking into the Gulf of Mexico from multiple locations — some of them miles away from the scene of the disaster –, and even that the entire sea-floor had been devastated, way beyond any hope of repair.

Who knows? Maybe there’s truth here. I wouldn’t be surprised.

But Sorcha Faal seems to be single-handedly responsible for the dissemination of these claims. Not a very reliable source, as is evident enough from reading what she (or whoever “she” is) has to say on this and just about any topic. A sensationalist journalist if there ever was one.

Here’s another take though.

In a radio interview by Mark Levin on May 04, one of the survivors  from the destroyed oil rig, calling in anonymously, had some interesting things to say. (Why anonymously though?!)

This informant answered some of my questions about what went wrong on that day. One the things he said is that deepwater drilling is extremely risky and potentially very hazardous, owing to many factors, perhaps the most obvious one being the high pressures at which gases enter the wellbore — 30 – 40,000 psi!

Read the full transcript of that interview here.

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