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Palace of Art

A new instrumental song . . .

The Palace of Art


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T. West plugins

Terry West from the Netherlands has designed several freeware plugins. I haven’t tried all of them yet (there are about 20 or so). Comp-EQ is a good one, as is the channel strip, Channel 0.9.

One, called ReLife, converts overly compressed audio files into something like their original state. It’s designed–in his own words– to “recover transients and warmth”.

Get the STUFF here if ya wanna. . .


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Come Back

Anybody who loves the soft rock of the seventies can be my friend.








Especially other musicians who recreate that sound in a new way.

Josh Rouse was born in 1972, hence the title of his 2003 album. Six years ago. It’s probably “outdated” now by current trends.

This kind of music, though, has a timeless quality about it. It’s sempiternally good. Other artists like the Fleet Foxes are also tapping into an eternal muse. (muse > music. . . I just made the connection)

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Between the Middle

A new old loop, written back in 2005, revived in 2009.

Hmm, and it still sounds like crap . . .

Next time I’ll try using a preamp for the microphones instead of a line mixer.

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