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Tycho in Seattle

Next month at the Seattle Art Museum, Tycho will be playing a live set, along with several other Ghostly artists. This is in conjunction with the 2009 Decibel Festival. More information below.


. . .

From “Past is Prologue”, one of my top ten favorite albums of all time . . .


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The Rubber Band

It occurred to me once that The Rubber Band was a good name for a rock band, especially a fun funky one.

Then I discovered that the name had already been used — not as a band though (as far as I know), but as an artist, The Rubberband Man. . .  and not a real artist (again, as far as I know) but a fictional performer who actually plays a rubberband wrapped around his toe.

It’s a pretty funky song. It’s fun too.

From 1977.

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